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Real Estate Finance Association was founded in 1987 with the goal of assisting real estate finance professionals by:

  • Communicating industry information
  • Providing continuing education and networking opportunities
  • Offering venues for members to exchange experiences
  • In 2001, the REFA chapters in Hartford and Fairfield/Westchester formed the Real Estate Finance Association of Connecticut (REFA-CT).

The Founding Sponsors

Nine firms became the Founding Sponsors contributing significant grants to help launch REFA-CT from a strong financial foundation. REFA-CT has continued as a well-funded and independently-operated association. 


From the beginning, REFA-CT’s innovative and highly valuable programming attracted larger and larger audiences. As real estate finance professionals discovered that REFA offered truly unique opportunities that were educational and enjoyable, both chapters enjoyed significant increases in members and sponsors.

In 2004, REFA-CT introduced its highly successful charity golf event. Since then, the annual REFA Golf Outing has raised more than $50,000 for Habitat for Humanity, the Mutual Housing Association, Adopt-a-House, and local food banks.

While making a difference in the community, REFA continued to expand its member benefits. Expanded offerings included: an online job bank, a website directory of speaker presentations, an e-newsletter, and online membership renewal and program registration. The targeted emphasis on member benefits continued to grow membership and further increased REFA’s financial position.

In 2006, REFA-CT held its inaugural Gala Celebration, which became the association’s most popular event of the year. Headline entertainment at the Gala has included acts and comedians, such as The Capitol Steps, Second City, Alonzo Boden, John Hefron, and Jake Johannsen. 

Today, REFA-CT membership includes more than 500 of the industry’s leaders with its continued focus on offering valuable industry knowledge as well as abundant networking opportunities.

Raised for Habitat for Humanity

of the industry’s leaders



To expand the knowledge and contacts of real estate finance professionals in Connecticut by providing popular educational programs and networking events that foster the exchange of ideas and experiences.


REFA-CT seeks to constantly maintain its status as the premier information resource for the Connecticut real estate community. 


  • Increase business opportunities for its members

  • Exceed continuing education expectations
  • Create networking environments that are eagerly
 anticipated and enjoyed by all

  • Grow membership by developing top-quality programs that
 naturally attract new-member interest

  • Communicate important industry and member news in
 a timely and frequent manner


REFA-CT’s continued success is tied to a strict adherence to its core values of:

  • Excellence

  • Leadership

  • Member Benefits

  • Growth

  • Member-focus

  • Respect

  • Fun